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What is Fortysevenstyle?

Fortysevenstyle is an education-based movement practice for folks looking to cultivate health on their own terms. With our hybrid movement programs, we teach you how to approach your favorite style of training with sustainability and eliminate the chronic pain, stress and complexity that stands in the way.
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I have been trying to find this kind of movement training for years. I bounced from standard weight training, to CrossFit, to yoga, and to many other activities but didn't find the perfect fit until I started training with Alex. His style not only trains movements, but passes the knowledge onto clients so that we can take control of our own progress.


Jason T. 

Founder of Yerba Crew



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Our courses challenge you to learn the intrinsic processes behind what your everyday movement or skill development demands. Whether you’re starting your online fitness journey today or consider yourself a hands-on, high-level athlete, its time to prioritize your movement education and get after it.
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Learn to move with better awareness so your body will require less repair and perform better over time.

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