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Pursue high quality movement education on your own terms minus the strict, prescriptive approaches that have failed you in the past.
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Fortysevenstyle is a movement practice designed by Alex Lukens for conditioning the principles of good enough control. GEC is considered a movement strategy that doesn't require the usual level of repetition, devotion or memorization that most fitness programs do. Instead, it takes a "knowledge over results" approach for helping you modify specific day-to-day tasks so that your movement, decision-making skills, and quality of life regularly improves. 

In other words, fortysevenstyle is interested in the process of self-expression NOT self-replication, as we consider many of the arguments or rhetorical tactics employed by today’s fitness industry confusing, misleading, and self-defeating. This is why we designed our programs to be empirically evaluated and virtually accessible so that you can work live with a coach and learn how to make each move, skill, or application authentically your own. As you’ll soon find out, having this repertoire of solutions at your disposal, in real time, is exponentially more instructive than being given the solutions themselves.   

Whether you’re an average mover, anticipating a world championship, or fall somewhere in-between, mastering good enough control means that you are now prepared to think critically and problem solve for any pain, injury, or setback you may encounter in everyday life. You no longer need to wait out stressful inconveniences disallowing your nervous system to fully reset. Now, you can finally reconcile the experience of being in your body.

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